Misunderstandings in the process of wire installation meeting (2)

Power cables bring light to the home, add all kinds of fun to life and meet the needs of family life. However, if negligence in the process of wire installation, it is easy to cause various hidden dangers in the home environment.

Misunderstanding 3: The wires are buried directly without casing
Some irresponsible construction workers buried the wires directly on the wall during the construction process, the wires were not covered by the insulating tube, and the wire connectors were directly exposed. This may cause hidden dangers and is a typical cut corner. In the future life, the wires lack protection, are easy to be bitten by rats or suffer external damage, and the wires are short-circuited, the wiring specifications of the wires are clear, they need to be protected with insulating sleeves, and the connectors cannot be exposed. Therefore, during the construction supervision period, the owner needs to supervise Whether the construction party performs construction as required.

Misunderstanding 4: Install socket cables at will
The power cord needs to use a copper wire cross-section. If you live in an old house, you need to replace the original aluminum wire with copper wire. Because the aluminum wire is easily oxidized, the connector is easy to catch fire. An investigation shows that the incidence of electrical fires in residential buildings usingAerial Bundled Cable (ABC) ASTM B231 Standard is dozens of times that of copper wires. In addition, for aesthetics, many households will use slotted buried wires and buried pipe laying methods, and wiring needs to be followed. “The live wire is inserted into the switch, and the neutral wire enters the lamp holder” and the principle that there is a leakage protection device on the socket.

Home circuit safety

Overload is also called “overload”. For example, the load capacity of a certain type of car is 4 tons, and the load exceeding the stipulation is “overload”, which is easy to damage the car, and the electric wire also has its load regulation. The current passing through the wire will heat the wire, which is normal. However, if it is overloaded and the thin wire passes a large current, it is easy to cause a fire.Install the bare wires indoors, the ambient temperature should not be higher than 35c, choose the wire in the safe current of the wire, the wire will not overheat. However, when the power consumption exceeds the current carrying capacity of the wire, the wire will generate heat. The heat of the wire is proportional to the square of the current intensity. If the current intensity is increased by 2 times, the heat generation will increase by 4 times compared to the original, which will cause the wire to overheat and easily cause a fire.