How to solve these problems in PVC

1、 Troubleshooting of common faults in injection molding of ACSR Cables Under note Fault analysis and Troubleshooting: (1) The temperature of the melt is too low. The forming temperature should be increased properly. (2) Forming cycle is too short. It should be extended appropriately. (3) Insufficient injection pressure. It should be improved appropriately. (4) The … Read more

Requirements for fire protection certification of cables

In order to solve the long-standing problem of the lack of flame retardant classification standards in the AAC Cable industry and the imperfection of the evaluation index dimension in the original flame retardant standard system, the former Sichuan Fire Protection Research Institute of the Ministry of public security organized relevant units to take the lead … Read more

Discussion on cable production process: extrusion process

Extrusion process is an indispensable part in cable manufactor, which includes insulation and sheath production process. Insulation production methods include coating, winding, extruding and their combination. Now the main insulation production is coating (winding wire, no longer in the scope of production license management) and extrusion (wire and cable). 1、 Plastic extrusion equipment and mould … Read more

Up 80%! Some people “cover” copper not sold

“Do you have a copper machine tool? We can make a home valuation! ” Lao Zhao is a recycling business of scrap metals. Recently, he is circulating recycling advertisements by friends. After the Spring Festival, copper prices have set a high, recycling manufacturers are looking for scrap copper. Zhao also took the opportunity to make … Read more

Development of high flexible fireproof cable

With the development of society, the scale of the city has been expanding, high-rise buildings have been emerging, and the number of important buildings has been increasing. The fire caused by the electric line, especially the huge fire accident, endangers the safety of life and property, and some fatal and huge fire, often causes a … Read more

Explore Future Trends of Fire Retardant Cable Market

In our lives, electrical fire accidents caused by short circuits and spontaneous combustion caused by the aging of cables frequently occur, and the losses caused are countless. With the continuous acceleration of domestic economic construction and the heating of urbanization speed, the number of various large-scale industrial facilities, high-rise commercial buildings, underground buildings and residential … Read more