Damaged ABC cable sheath may not be a quality problem

In the severe cold in winter, many construction workers will find such a problem when laying and installing Aerial Bundled Cable: ABC cable products with good quality usually have some hardening of the wire body and peeling off of the insulation coating. In view of these phenomena, many construction workers think that the wire and … Read more

Matters needing attention in the production of ACSR Cable

1. Greasy dirt on the wire surface Overhead ACSR cables used for overhead transmission lines are often questioned by customers or even returned due to surface quality problems. This phenomenon is mainly caused in the drawing process. The main reasons are as follows: (1) The size of the finished wire drawing die is too large, … Read more

Precautions for household wire installation

In home decoration, circuit engineering is the most important, and home circuit belongs to concealed engineering, which is related to people’s quality of life and living standard in the future. Therefore, we must pay attention to circuit problems in decoration to avoid potential safety hazards. Next, Guoyou AAC Cable will share the relevant knowledge of … Read more

Harm and Countermeasures of wire joint heating

The phenomenon of wire joint heating is generally manifested in that there is peculiar smell around the wire joint, which can be smelled. This is because the heat of wire joint makes the outer insulation layer smell; Secondly, the ACSR Cables joint is smoking, red, the outer insulation layer is black, fire, or even broken. … Read more

What is the economic optimization of cable section?

The International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC 287-3-2 / 1995 puts forward the viewpoint of economic optimization of cable size, that is, conductor section: the selection of cable conductor section should consider not only the initial cost of cable line, but also the power loss cost of AAAC Cable during its economic life, which should comply … Read more

Causes of appearance defects of five kinds of rubber sheathed cables

In the production process of rubber sheathed AAC Cable, there are often appearance defects, such as unsmooth surface; Clinker particles (early vulcanized rubber particles) or impurities on the surface; Scratch and scratch on the surface of wires and cables; Surface collapse; There are hemp patterns on the surface. The following are five common causes of … Read more

Causes and treatment of unqualified strand products

1. Scope of application This specification is applicable to the stranding of copper aluminum strand, steel cored aluminum strand and power ABC Cable conductor core. 2. Equipment parameters 2.1 equipment name: jlk-500 / 12 + 18 + 24 frame stranding machine 2.2 equipment capacity (technical parameters) a. Single wire diameter: 1.5 ~ 5mm (copper) 1.8 … Read more

Shielded vs unshielded cable, how to choose the answer here!

Shielded cable vs unshielded cable Shielded cable? Or unshielded cable—— This is a problem. The choice of shielded or unshielded cables mainly depends on the specific application requirements. Today, Xiaobian sorted out the factors that should be considered when using shielded cables on AAC Cable treasure. 01 PART Shielded cable Shielded cable is a transmission … Read more