What is the economic optimization of cable section?

The International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC 287-3-2 / 1995 puts forward the viewpoint of economic optimization of cable size, that is, conductor section: the selection of cable conductor section should consider not only the initial cost of cable line, but also the power loss cost of AAAC Cable during its economic life, which should comply … Read more

How to train cable line operators?

The operation of cable line is a highly professional work. The technical training of AAAC Cable operators should focus on cultivating various basic skills. The learning contents mainly include: 1) basic knowledge of electrical theory; 2) structure and characteristics of power cable; 3) cable laying and manufacturing methods of joints and terminals; 4) understand the … Read more

Take you to quickly understand the types of flame retardant cables

Flame retardant wires and cables have unique flame retardant, low smoke emission and harmful smoke suppression properties. What flame retardant properties should AAC Cable materials have? Type and performance of flame retardant wire and cable 1. General flame retardant wires and cables Generally, the insulating layer and protective sleeve of flame-retardant wires and cables are … Read more

What are the advantages of overhead cables over underground cables?

(1) The power transmission is not easily affected by the surrounding environment and has high reliability. (2) The insulation distance between wires is small, the land occupation is small, and there is no interference with radio waves. (3) When laying underground, it does not occupy the ground and space, which is not only safe and … Read more

What is the content of periodic test for high voltage cable?

“Power cable operation regulation” stipulates that under the condition of not losing normal oil pressure, it is not necessary to conduct DC withstand voltage test regularly for high voltage oil filled AAAC Cable. As long as the oil pressure is normal and the dielectric loss and breakdown strength of oil are qualified, it can be … Read more

Difference between low voltage cable and medium voltage cable

There are many kinds of AAAC Cables. According to voltage, they can be divided into low-voltage cable, medium voltage cable and high-voltage cable. What we can often touch and use in our life are low-voltage cable and medium voltage cable. How can we distinguish them? Some people say it’s 1kV, others say it’s 10kV. How … Read more

Methods to prevent cable corrosion

(1) The cable manufacturer is required to use the protective layer outside the metal sheath of the AAC Cable when manufacturing the cable, and the aluminum sheathed cable must have polyethylene or PVC outer sheath. 2) When selecting the cable route, it is necessary to make full investigation, collect the soil data near the area … Read more