How many rumors do you know about wires and cables?

The rapid development of the Internet age has not only brought convenience to everyone’s life, but also brought new challenges to our social management. In particular, we have seen the rapid spread of rumors. I believe you can distinguish many rumors, but how many rumors about wires and AAAC Cables have you heard? Can you … Read more

Analyze the development opportunities of cable accessories industry

1. Market demand China’s power grid construction investment will continue to grow steadily, including smart grid construction, new energy construction and distribution network transformation, which will bring a new round of development opportunities for the cable accessories industry. The “long-distance, large-scale, high-capacity and high-voltage” pattern of power grid construction will further stimulate the demand for … Read more

Main Components of Overhead Lines

Overhead lines mainly refer to overhead cable, erected on the ground, and are transmission lines that use insulators to fix transmission wires on poles that stand upright on the ground to transmit electrical energy. Overhead lines have low cost, strong mobility, and easy maintenance. However, overhead lines hinder traffic and construction and are easily polluted … Read more