What are the common installation methods of cable tray?

Bridge, also known as cable bridge, is composed of support, tray, cover plate and installation accessories. In a computer room project, compared with expensive and high-tech hardware and software, the bridge is very insignificant and rarely paid attention to, but it is also an indispensable part of the whole wiring project. Today, let’s talk about … Read more

Harm of harmonics in power system

1. Hazards to distribution transformer: For the distribution transformer with the wiring group of yyno, during the three-phase four wire system wiring, the third harmonic current generates harmonic voltage in the original and auxiliary windings of the distribution transformer and causes the neutral point voltage to rise. In addition, because the odd harmonics have the … Read more

Take you to quickly understand the types of flame retardant cables

Flame retardant wires and cables have unique flame retardant, low smoke emission and harmful smoke suppression properties. What flame retardant properties should AAC Cable materials have? Type and performance of flame retardant wire and cable 1. General flame retardant wires and cables Generally, the insulating layer and protective sleeve of flame-retardant wires and cables are … Read more

Shielded vs unshielded cable, how to choose the answer here!

Shielded cable vs unshielded cable Shielded cable? Or unshielded cable—— This is a problem. The choice of shielded or unshielded cables mainly depends on the specific application requirements. Today, Xiaobian sorted out the factors that should be considered when using shielded cables on AAC Cable treasure. 01 PART Shielded cable Shielded cable is a transmission … Read more

Causes of blackening of copper wire of heavy rubber sheathed flexible cable

2.1 catalytic aging of copper is an important reason for rubber hair adhesion The experiment of the former Soviet Union Institute of AAAC Cable science proved that copper infiltrated into the insulating rubber from the contact with rubber during vulcanization, and the thickness of 1.0-2.0mm contained 0.009-0.0027% copper. As we all know, trace copper has … Read more

Maintenance contents of cable channel

1. Replace the damaged well cover, cover plate and protection plate, and complete the missing well cover, cover plate and protection plate. 2. Maintain the working shaft stop. 3. Clean up the water and debris in the passage. 4 stairs (ladder) for tunnel maintenance personnel entering and leaving the shaft 5. Maintain the ventilation, lighting, … Read more

Types of cable faults

(1) Mechanical damage accounts for a large proportion of AAC Cable accidents. There are three main causes of mechanical damage. (1) it is directly damaged by external force. If the cable is damaged by accident in the process of urban construction, transportation, or excavation, piling, lifting and handling of underground pipeline engineering. (2) damage during … Read more

How to prevent and control pests on cable lines?

For direct buried ACSR Cable laying, in addition to preventing external mechanical damage, there is another kind of external damage from insects, such as termites. South China is located in the subtropical zone with humid climate, which is suitable for termite breeding. Termites will damage the lead sheath of the cable, causing the insulation damp … Read more

Methods to prevent cable corrosion

(1) The cable manufacturer is required to use the protective layer outside the metal sheath of the AAC Cable when manufacturing the cable, and the aluminum sheathed cable must have polyethylene or PVC outer sheath. 2) When selecting the cable route, it is necessary to make full investigation, collect the soil data near the area … Read more

Is the thicker the cable insulation, the better?

Many friends may think that the thicker the AAC Cable, the better the insulation performance, the more durable the cable, and the better the quality. In fact, this idea is taken for granted, and there are some misunderstandings. This is because the insulation performance of cables depends on the technical indicators. The state has strict … Read more