Current situation of power cable and accessories

Insulating materials and shielding materials for power cables, especially materials for high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage XLPE insulated AAAC Cables, are prominent “soft ribs” or “short boards” of China’s cable industry in this field (all sheath materials have been localized). 1. Medium and low voltage power cable materials Medium and low voltage power cables are mostly insulated … Read more

The causes and solutions of overheating of wires and cables

When the power cable passes through a certain load current, it will be heated. With the increase of load current, the higher the cable surface temperature is. If it is not managed in time, the consequences can be imagined. For example, PVC cable is considered with core temperature of 70 ℃ as the upper limit, … Read more

What is the difference between copper conductor and copper alloy cable?

Copper bar is the main raw material of AAC Cable industry. There are two main production methods: continuous casting, continuous rolling and continuous casting. Due to different processes, the oxygen content and appearance of copper rods are also different. When the oxygen content is lower than 10ppm, it is called oxygen free copper rod; When … Read more

Composition of flexible mineral insulated cable (bbtrz)

Flexible mineral insulated acsr cable is composed of copper strand, mineral compound insulation and mineral compound sheath. It adopts flexible structure, and the main materials are inorganic materials, which make up for the defects of hard structure, easy to burn and toxic. It also has some advantages that other cables can not have, such as: … Read more

What specifications should be used for household wires?

Home wiring is an indispensable part of our life, and the quality of pvc wire selection will be directly related to home safety. Home safety is your own safety, so you must compare more when you buy, choose the wire with guaranteed quality. So what specifications should the general home wiring choose? What about the … Read more

How to use insulation megger to measure insulation resistance of power cable

1. The performance of power cable insulation material decreases irreversibly with service time and environment, which is called insulation aging. The manifestations of insulation aging are as follows: breakdown strength decreases, dielectric loss tangent increases, local leakage and discharge increase, mechanical strength and other properties decrease. 2. In the aging process, the time required for … Read more