Development of Submarine Cables

In 1988, a transoceanic submarine optical cable (TAT-8) system was installed between the United States, Britain and France, with a total length of 6,700 kilometers.This optical cable contains 3 pairs of optical fibers, each pair has a transmission rate of 280Mb/s, and the relay station distance is 67 kilometers. This is the first communication submarine … Read more

What are the differences between YJV3+2 and YJV4+1 cables?

The YJV power cable  is composed of one or several soft wires, and the outer covering is covered with a light soft sheath; the cable is composed of one or several insulated wires, and the outside is covered with a tough outer layer made of metal or rubber. As we all know, there are single-core … Read more

Cable raw material copper, trend analysis in July

Analysis of the main products of cable raw materials (copper): According to the monitoring data of the cable network, the domestic spot copper price continued to fall sharply in July, and the overall copper price fell during the month. The average spot copper price in the beginning of the month was 42585. RMB/ton, the average … Read more

One of the largest submarine optical cable projects in the world

China Mobile International Corp, Facebook, MTN GlobalConnect, Orange, STC, Egypt Telecom, Vodafone and WIOCC have announced a partnership to build 2Africa, the most comprehensive undersea fiber optic cable serving the African continent and the Middle East, and will also connect through East Africa and other undersea cables to expand connectivity with Asia.Wires and cables The … Read more