Basic knowledge of aluminum alloy materials

Aluminum plate refers to the rectangular aluminum plate sheet made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy through pressure processing (shearing or sawing) to obtain rectangular cross section and uniform thickness Internationally, it is customary to call aluminum materials with thickness of more than 0.2mm, less than 500mm, width of more than 200mm and length of … Read more

Matters needing attention in the production of ACSR Cable

1. Greasy dirt on the wire surface Overhead ACSR cables used for overhead transmission lines are often questioned by customers or even returned due to surface quality problems. This phenomenon is mainly caused in the drawing process. The main reasons are as follows: (1) The size of the finished wire drawing die is too large, … Read more

Can PVC be used as a cable?

PVC cable material is made of polyvinyl chloride as the basic resin, adding stabilizers, lubricants and inorganic fillers, etc., through mixing, kneading and extrusion. Although its dielectric point performance is general and not environmentally friendly, its price is low and the process is simple; PVC cable material is still one of the most used cable … Read more

What should I do if the cable’s fire protection effect is not good?

Is power cable’s fireproof effect poor? Have you tried mineral insulated fireproof cables! Mineral insulated fireproof cables not only have the characteristics of fireproof, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, but also good waterproof effect, light weight and long life. (1) In order to prevent electrical fires caused by the quality of the wires and … Read more

Is it still clear to distinguish between fire-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables?

1. Fire-resistant cable On the basis of improving the manufacturing process of the refractory layer and adding the refractory layer, the Class A refractory cable has been developed. It can withstand combustion for at least 90 minutes in a flame at 950℃~1000℃ and at a rated voltage without the cable being broken down ( That … Read more

Grounding method of shielded cable

1. Shielded cable technical characteristics With the increase in the capacity of the power system and the continuous improvement of the level of automation, the secondary equipment of the power system has now widely used integrated circuit or micro-type protection devices. The application of these protection devices is very useful to improve the stable operation … Read more