What is the difference between copper conductor and copper alloy cable?

Copper bar is the main raw material of AAC Cable industry. There are two main production methods: continuous casting, continuous rolling and continuous casting. Due to different processes, the oxygen content and appearance of copper rods are also different. When the oxygen content is lower than 10ppm, it is called oxygen free copper rod; When … Read more

Difference between Fire-Resistant and Flame-Retardant Cables

1 The difference in principle Fire-resistant cables have different principles from flame-retardant cables. The flame-retardant principle of halogen-containing cable is based on the flame-retardant effect of halogen, and the flame-retardant principle of halogen-free cable is to reduce the temperature of the water to extinguish the fire. Fire-resistant cables rely on the fire-resistant and heat-resistant characteristics … Read more