Simple repair method after cable line failure?

After the cable line breaks down (including the breakdown during preventive test), it must be repaired immediately to avoid a large amount of water invading and expanding the scope of damage. The elimination of faults must be thorough and clean. Otherwise, although it can be used after repair, it will still cause faults in the … Read more

Does the fireproof cable really not burn?

Fireproof cable has become an indispensable item in our daily life and production, followed by accidents caused by wires and cables, especially when wires and cables explode after combustion, it is easy to cause casualties. Every year, all kinds of wires and cables cause accidents. The fire accident continues. Most of the shells of ordinary … Read more

Methods to prevent cable corrosion

(1) The cable manufacturer is required to use the protective layer outside the metal sheath of the AAC Cable when manufacturing the cable, and the aluminum sheathed cable must have polyethylene or PVC outer sheath. 2) When selecting the cable route, it is necessary to make full investigation, collect the soil data near the area … Read more

Requirements for fire protection certification of cables

In order to solve the long-standing problem of the lack of flame retardant classification standards in the AAC Cable industry and the imperfection of the evaluation index dimension in the original flame retardant standard system, the former Sichuan Fire Protection Research Institute of the Ministry of public security organized relevant units to take the lead … Read more

Fire-retardant design of power cables in subway construction

With the acceleration of modernization, my country’s wire and cable industry is also rising. However, in the current vigorous development of the industry, my country’s per capita consumption of wires and cables is low, and counterfeit and inferior products on the market are prevalent. All have restricted the healthy development of the wire and cable … Read more

Structure composition of cable products

b230 standardThe structural elements of wire and cable products can generally be divided into four main structural components: wire, insulation layer, shielding and protective layer, as well as filling elements and tensile elements. According to the requirements and applications of the product, some products have a very simple structure, with only one structure of wires, such as … Read more

Take you to understand the A, B, C grades of flame-retardant cables

1. Classification and difference of flame-retardant cables The ABC category of flame-retardant cables is classified according to the GB/T18380-2008 standard and is used to evaluate the ability of vertically installed bundles of wires and cables or optical cables to inhibit the vertical spread of flame under specified conditions. 1. Flame-retardant Class A means:Fire Retardant Cable … Read more

How to Improve Pass Rate of Fire-resistant Cable Fire Test

As fire-resistant cables are now more and more widely used, many manufacturers are producing them, but often the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, under normal circumstances, when companies develop fire-retardant cable products, they first try to manufacture a section of the product, send it to the relevant national inspection agency, and then start mass production … Read more