Completion of laying of high temperature AC superconducting cable

The transmission capacity of superconducting AAC Cable is much larger than that of conventional cable. The power transmission capacity of a 10KV three-phase coaxial high temperature AC superconducting cable is greater than that of a conventional 110kV cable, but the transmission loss is only one fourth to one fifth of that of a conventional cable, … Read more

Analyze the development opportunities of cable accessories industry

1. Market demand China’s power grid construction investment will continue to grow steadily, including smart grid construction, new energy construction and distribution network transformation, which will bring a new round of development opportunities for the cable accessories industry. The “long-distance, large-scale, high-capacity and high-voltage” pattern of power grid construction will further stimulate the demand for … Read more

18 key problems in cable stranding process

In order to improve the flexibility and integrity of wires and cables, two or more single wires are intertwined in the specified direction. This process is called stranding. The whole stranding process is divided into conductor stranding, cable forming, braiding, steel wire armor and winding. Any problem in any process will directly affect the cable … Read more

Don’t say how cheap the cable is. Let’s see if these tests can be passed

A quality inspection organization has conducted a sampling survey on domestic wires and cables. The results show that the qualified rate of wires and cables in production enterprises that have passed ISO 9000 certification is less than 90%, while the qualified rate of products in small-scale wire and cable production enterprises that have not passed … Read more

Seven reasons why transformers burn out

(1) Being struck by lightning. Most of the high and low voltage lines of power transformers are introduced by overhead cables. Because they are located in mountainous forests, the probability of lightning strikes is high. Therefore, during the thunderstorm season each year, the proportion of distribution transformers damaged by lightning strikes accounts for more than … Read more

Discussion on cable process: cable forming

1、 What is cable formation Definition of cable forming: the process of twisting multiple insulated cores into AAC Cables according to certain rules. 2、 The role of cable forming in cable production Cable forming is one of the important processes in the production of multi-core cables. The three core, four core (one core is the … Read more

Factors Affecting XLPE Insulation Thermal Shrinkage

The cross-linked polyethylene cable material (XLPE) can make the aggregate structure of the insulating material in a reasonable state through the cross-linking process, and can increase the long-term working temperature of the power cable to 90 ℃, and the instantaneous short-circuit temperature is 170 ℃ ~ 250 ℃. The performance remains unchanged while other performances … Read more

Cable Insulation Resistance Decreases Due to Moisture

The insulation resistance of directly buried power cables is reduced and the phenomenon of cable line failures often occurs, especially when the cable insulation is damp, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance of directly buried power cables to decrease and substandard 1. The cable raw materials are damp The raw materials used for … Read more