Misunderstandings in the process of power cable installation meeting (1)

Power cables bring light to the home, add all kinds of fun to life and meet the needs of family life. However, if negligence in the process of wire installation, it is easy to cause various hidden dangers in the home environment.
Misunderstanding 1: Strong and weak electricity sharing
AC power is usually used in our homes. In order to facilitate the construction, some construction teams directly store the wires together. Power cords, network cables, telephone lines, etc. are all placed in the same base, which will cause interference between the wires and unstable signals. It will also bury the hidden dangers of home fires. Strong current and weak current should be wired separately. Strong current and weak current sharing tube and bottom box are strictly prohibited. The parallel spacing of the strong current should be no less than 3cm, no less than 50cm, and the intersections should be at right angles.

Misunderstanding 2: Duplicate wiring
In order to make the pipes look clearer, some construction workers use a pipe for each wire, so many pipes are buried in the wall. It is difficult to find the location of the problematic pipe or most of the wall needs to be damaged when repairing in the future. And the structure of the ground can find the problem. Generally speaking, the pipeline should be made into a “live line”, in the case of less than 40% of the pipeline capacity, put Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) HD 626 S1 Standard in the same direction in the pipe, which is economical and avoids the trouble of future maintenance.