Production of cables without production license is punished

From the first batch of “iron fist”, there are cables again and again. There’s nothing to say. We’re catching up with the “quality month”. Xiaobian reminds everyone to pay attention. There will be some later. Don’t forget what we said in the early stage. There will be a reward of 1 million for reporting, so … Read more

Shielded vs unshielded cable, how to choose the answer here!

Shielded cable vs unshielded cable Shielded cable? Or unshielded cable—— This is a problem. The choice of shielded or unshielded cables mainly depends on the specific application requirements. Today, Xiaobian sorted out the factors that should be considered when using shielded cables on AAC Cable treasure. 01 PART Shielded cable Shielded cable is a transmission … Read more

Types of cable faults

(1) Mechanical damage accounts for a large proportion of AAC Cable accidents. There are three main causes of mechanical damage. (1) it is directly damaged by external force. If the cable is damaged by accident in the process of urban construction, transportation, or excavation, piling, lifting and handling of underground pipeline engineering. (2) damage during … Read more

Differences in use of brass, phosphor copper and red copper

Pure copper is a purplish red metal, commonly known as “red copper”, “red copper” or “red copper”. Pure copper is ductile. Pure copper, the size of a drop of ACSR Cable, can be drawn into two kilometers of filaments or rolled into almost transparent foil larger than a bed. The most valuable property of pure … Read more

How to prevent and control pests on cable lines?

For direct buried ACSR Cable laying, in addition to preventing external mechanical damage, there is another kind of external damage from insects, such as termites. South China is located in the subtropical zone with humid climate, which is suitable for termite breeding. Termites will damage the lead sheath of the cable, causing the insulation damp … Read more

What is the valve performance of the sheath protector?

In order to ensure that the sheath insulation will not be damaged under the action of lightning overvoltage and switching overvoltage, the sheath protector should be used. The ball gap protector was used in the early stage, but its disadvantage was that its surface was burnt by power frequency afterflow after each action. This type … Read more

What is the national standard cable

National standard ACSR Cable, literally, is the wire and cable produced in strict accordance with national standards. China has clear regulations on the appearance, mechanical strength, insulation of sheath, withstand voltage strength and line resistance of cables. There are different national standards for different types of cables, mainly as follows: ·Executive standard for irradiation crosslinked … Read more

When multiple cables run in parallel, the load distribution will be uneven?

When multiple cables are running in parallel, load measurement shall be conducted regularly to understand the load distribution and correctly grasp the operation status of ACSR Cables. The load distribution of multiple cables is uneven when running in parallel, and even one phase load of one cable will be close to zero. The main reason … Read more

Common sense of high temperature wire and cable

High temperature wire and cable are everywhere in our life, and widely used, it brings a lot of convenience to our life, and high temperature wire and cable has many advantages compared with ordinary ACSR Cable. Today, Shanghai Qiyue high temperature cable editor will talk about some common sense problems of high temperature wire and … Read more