Matters needing attention during wire and cable stranding

In order to improve the flexibility and integrity of wires and cables, two or more single wires are intertwined in the specified direction. This process is called stranding. The whole stranding process is divided into conductor stranding, cable forming, braiding, steel wire armor and winding. Any problem in any process will directly affect the cable … Read more

Is the zero line current greater than the live line?

In low-voltage distribution system, the current of zero line is smaller than that of live line. This is because when the three-phase load is balanced, the three-phase current is completely offset, and the zero line current is zero; However, when the AAC Cables consumption of three-phase load is unbalanced, the three-phase current cannot be completely … Read more

The world’s largest copper mine enters the countdown to strike

Union members of Escondida copper mine, the world’s largest copper mine in Chile, voted against the latest contract offer made by the mine owner and decided to go on strike. Many industries are worried that the global economy will continue to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which could lead to disruption in … Read more

Choose the wire and cable, quickly identify the type!

The main function of wire and cable is to transmit electric energy, signal and realize electromagnetic conversion. The transmission of electric power, such as power cable, overhead line, etc., is the same as shaft ABC Cable, and the wire with electromagnetic conversion is like paint wrapped wire. If you choose a wire or cable, you … Read more

Is the cable conductor detected by the cable nose in accordance with the national standard

The AAC Cable nose is often used for the end connection and continuation of the cable, which can make the connection between the cable and electrical appliances more firm and safer. Cable companies often receive customer complaints: with the corresponding specifications of the wire nose through the corresponding specifications of the conductor, found that the … Read more

How to use insulation megger to measure insulation resistance of power cable

1. The performance of power cable insulation material decreases irreversibly with service time and environment, which is called insulation aging. The manifestations of insulation aging are as follows: breakdown strength decreases, dielectric loss tangent increases, local leakage and discharge increase, mechanical strength and other properties decrease. 2. In the aging process, the time required for … Read more

Several points for attention in extrusion of silicone rubber cable

Abstract This paper presents the application of silicone rubber in the acsr cable industry, some problems and solutions in the production of silicone rubber cable. Key words: silicone rubber, mixing, extrusion, coke burning, foaming, technology 1、 Preface Because of its high heat resistance and excellent cold resistance, silicone rubber has a long-term temperature range of … Read more

Laying and installation of pre branched cables

1、 Laying and installation of pre branch cable Prepare for laying and installation according to the requirements of design drawings and be familiar with the laying direction and location of cables. (1) Formulate construction plan and organize professional construction personnel. (2) Prepare for installation of tools and equipment. (3) Verify the abc cable model and … Read more

Advantages of BTTZ rigid mineral insulated cable

Due to the special structure of BTTZ rigid mineral insulated cables, it has some characteristics different from traditional cables; it is also the most superior fire resistance characteristic of mineral insulated cables. Advantages of BTTZ rigid mineral insulated cable 1) Completely fireproof BTTZ cable itself does not burn at all, and it will not cause … Read more