Several points for attention in extrusion of silicone rubber cable

Abstract This paper presents the application of silicone rubber in the acsr cable industry, some problems and solutions in the production of silicone rubber cable. Key words: silicone rubber, mixing, extrusion, coke burning, foaming, technology 1、 Preface Because of its high heat resistance and excellent cold resistance, silicone rubber has a long-term temperature range of … Read more

How to Choose Photovoltaic Generation Cable?

Part 1:Relevant standards and specifications for cable selection 1. DL/T5044-2004 People’s Republic of China Electric Power Industry Standard 2. GB50217 Power Engineering Cable Design Code Part 2:Main technical requirements 1. Two-core cables should be used for the DC power supply loop, and single-core cables can be used when needed. 2. Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables are … Read more