Precautions for household wire installation

In home decoration, circuit engineering is the most important, and home circuit belongs to concealed engineering, which is related to people’s quality of life and living standard in the future. Therefore, we must pay attention to circuit problems in decoration to avoid potential safety hazards. Next, Guoyou AAC Cable will share the relevant knowledge of … Read more

Simple repair method after cable line failure?

After the cable line breaks down (including the breakdown during preventive test), it must be repaired immediately to avoid a large amount of water invading and expanding the scope of damage. The elimination of faults must be thorough and clean. Otherwise, although it can be used after repair, it will still cause faults in the … Read more

Is the zero line current greater than the live line?

In low-voltage distribution system, the current of zero line is smaller than that of live line. This is because when the three-phase load is balanced, the three-phase current is completely offset, and the zero line current is zero; However, when the AAC Cables consumption of three-phase load is unbalanced, the three-phase current cannot be completely … Read more

Why do low-voltage power cables use four cores?

The low-voltage power grid in urban residential areas generally adopts the three-phase four wire system. The four core cable used in the low-voltage power grid, except for the three-phase conductor, is called the neutral wire. It can pass through the unbalanced current of three-phase AC and has the function of protective grounding. Three core cable … Read more

Realize the “perspective” management of underground cables

Based on the underground cable informatization model developed by China Electric Power Research Institute, the “perspective” management of underground cables can significantly improve the design, construction, operation and maintenance and management level of underground ACAR Cable lines. Firstly, this technology can make the route planning and design of underground cable engineering more reasonable. Using three-dimensional … Read more

Does the fireproof cable really not burn?

Fireproof cable has become an indispensable item in our daily life and production, followed by accidents caused by wires and cables, especially when wires and cables explode after combustion, it is easy to cause casualties. Every year, all kinds of wires and cables cause accidents. The fire accident continues. Most of the shells of ordinary … Read more

How to train cable line operators?

The operation of cable line is a highly professional work. The technical training of AAAC Cable operators should focus on cultivating various basic skills. The learning contents mainly include: 1) basic knowledge of electrical theory; 2) structure and characteristics of power cable; 3) cable laying and manufacturing methods of joints and terminals; 4) understand the … Read more

What are the advantages of overhead cables over underground cables?

(1) The power transmission is not easily affected by the surrounding environment and has high reliability. (2) The insulation distance between wires is small, the land occupation is small, and there is no interference with radio waves. (3) When laying underground, it does not occupy the ground and space, which is not only safe and … Read more

Maintenance contents of cable channel

1. Replace the damaged well cover, cover plate and protection plate, and complete the missing well cover, cover plate and protection plate. 2. Maintain the working shaft stop. 3. Clean up the water and debris in the passage. 4 stairs (ladder) for tunnel maintenance personnel entering and leaving the shaft 5. Maintain the ventilation, lighting, … Read more