Is the zero line current greater than the live line?

In low-voltage distribution system, the current of zero line is smaller than that of live line. This is because when the three-phase load is balanced, the three-phase current is completely offset, and the zero line current is zero; However, when the AAC Cables consumption of three-phase load is unbalanced, the three-phase current cannot be completely … Read more

Discussion of the cable production process: conductor stranding

Discussion on the cable production process: conductor twisting and twisting : the process of twisting many small diameter monofilaments into a large cross-section conductive core according to certain rules. 1. There are two types of twisted wires: normal twisted wires and irregular twisted AAC Cables. Ordinary strands can be divided into ordinary concentric single stranded … Read more

From January to March, China’s optical cable output increased by 25.2% year on year

The National Bureau of statistics released the output and growth rate of China’s major industrial products from January to March. Among the 100 major industrial products listed, except for fax machines, only 4 products showed a year-on-year decrease in output from January to March 2020. Among them, the cumulative output of abc cables was 63.996 … Read more

Single-core Parallel Type and Multi-core Twisted Type Cable

The advent of power cables has greatly improved the safety of power generation, transmission, transformation, supply, distribution, and use of electricity. Single-core power cables appeared first. As there are more and more occasions for three-phase four-wire power supply, three-phase five-wire power supply and multi-loop power supply in actual use, the requirements for occupied space and … Read more