Five Well-known Cable Brands in China

1. TBEA 
TBEA Co., Ltd. (TBEA Co., Ltd.) referred to as “TBEA” (A stock code: 600089) is a service provider that provides system solutions for the global energy industry and is a large local industrial manufacturing in Xinjiang The enterprise is a large-scale energy equipment manufacturing enterprise in China. It is composed of nearly 20,000 employees from 29 ethnic groups including Uyghur, Han, Kazakh, Hui, Mongolian, and Tajikistan in 24 countries around the world. my country’s large-scale aluminum electronics, polysilicon new material development and export base, a large-scale solar photovoltaic system integrator, has 14 domestic manufacturing industrial parks, and two overseas bases.

2. Zhongtian Technology
Zhongtian Technology started in 1992 and started with optical fiber communications. With the rapid development of the national information industry, it has now formed a two-wheeled industrial scale driven by telecommunications and power grids, and is involved in the field of new energy. It has successively been awarded gold medal listed company, national innovative pilot enterprise, and ranked among the top 100 Chinese electronic information and top 500 private enterprises in China.
The layout is Beijing headquarters, Nantong new department, Rudong headquarters. The company adheres to the “going global” strategy, exports its products to more than 100 countries and regions, opens factories in India and Brazil, and has more than 40 overseas offices to gradually build ZTT into a world-class Chinese optoelectronic cable brand.

3. Henan Huaxing Cable
Henan Huaxing Wires& Cables Co. was established in 1984 and is a specialized and large-scale cable manufacturer. The company is mainly committed to the system research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing and service of four major types of cable products such as overhead wires, power cables, electrical equipment wires and cables, and household cables. Products are widely used in power transmission, transportation, energy, petrochemical and other industries as well as urban construction and other fields. They are sold all over the world and are deeply trusted by users.
The company adheres to the quality policy of “innovative work, technological refinement, quality, and trust”. In recent years, it has successively introduced more than dozens of advanced technologies and equipment from Finland, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. An assembly line operation has been formed, and the production equipment has basically reached the domestic first-class level. The company has complete inspection, measurement and testing institutions and advanced equipment, which provide a fundamental guarantee for high-quality products. Pursue and produce high-quality products consistently.

4. Baosheng Cable
Baosheng Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, was established in 1985. Its R&D and marketing centers are located in Jinshan District and Putuo District, Shanghai, and its production centers are located in Yangzhou City and Baoying County, Jiangsu. It is a relatively competitive power and intelligent industry group in China that integrates wires and cables and systems, cable materials, electrical appliances, high, middle and low voltage inverters, servo systems, industrial robots and logistics services, as well as the construction and operation of photovoltaic power stations. Baosheng Group is a provider of power projects such as power station construction, power engineering, power facilities, and information technology and intelligent system engineering solutions. It can provide from engineering design to cable and electrical product design, manufacturing, installation, photovoltaic power generation, and construction. A complete set of systematic and integrated services such as steel structure and general engineering contracting

5. Delixi Electric
Delixi Electric Co., Ltd. was established on January 4, 2007, located in Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, with a cumulative investment of nearly 2 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​600,000 square meters, and employing more than 10,000 employees. It is a large-scale joint venture in China’s low-voltage electrical industry.
Through 30 years of unremitting efforts of two generations of Delixi people, the “Delixi” brand has become a household name in China.

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