WTTEZ cable performance characteristics

First, fire prevention, fire resistance is very superior
In order to ensure the normal power supply of the cable in flame, that is, to keep the cable structure stable under fire conditions, a layer of coating with fire resistance and expansion performance was added in the cable structure design. The volume expansion of the coating layer under flame conditions makes the cable insulation structure more stable. Therefore, this kind of cable can continue to maintain power supply in the case of fire near the melting point of copper, which is a real sense of fire prevention cable.
Continuous production with long length, large section and good bending performance
1. Long continuous production length
The production length of the cable is not limited by the processing technology and production equipment, and completely meets the demand of power supply length. The longest can be produced up to 2000 meters.
2. Large section
The cable conductor is made of multi-strand single wire twisted, which can greatly increase the flexibility of the conductor. In addition, the twisted conductor has good production continuity and long processing length, which can reduce the number of joints. The section of large single-core cable can reach 800mm2.
3. Good bending performance
The copper sheath is processed to increase the softness and bending performance of the cable.

4. Heavy load flow
When the cable is normal, the conductor temperature can reach 180℃. Under the premise of the same conductor cross section, its carrying capacity is much higher than that of conventional cable.
5. Waterproof
The cable is protected by sealed non-magnetic metal tube, and its waterproof property is very superior.
6. Explosion-proof
Because the cable adopts copper sheath, and after the cable burns, the filler layer expands and compacts the cable core tightly, the flammable gas and flame cannot reach the electrical equipment connected with the cable, so the cable has explosion-proof characteristics.
7. Good corrosion resistance
Due to the good corrosion resistance of copper, no additional protection is required under normal use environment. In special environmental conditions, such as the environment with strong corrosion effect on copper, the corrosion resistance can be achieved by adding a layer of low-smoke halogen-free outer protection on the cable.
8. No electromagnetic interference
Under the shielding of copper sheath, the cable will not disturb the signal and control line when it is laid together with information and control line.