Climb aluminum was used in Beijing APEC Conference Building

Climb aluminum was used in Beijing APEC Conference Building

The Yanqi Lake “National Conference Center” project in Huairou, Beijing, as the venue of the 2014 APEC Conference, has attracted worldwide attention. The building base area of the project is 14,000 square meters, and the building area is 41,900 square meters. It is mainly a unit curtain wall structure. All curtain walls, doors and windows … Read more

Points for purchasing PVC cables

PVC insulated cable  products are divided into non-sheathed cables for fixed wiring, sheathed cables for fixed wiring, light non-sheathed flexible cables, general-purpose sheathed flexible cables, installation wires and shielded wires, and special-purpose sheathed flexible cables. Cables, PVC insulated flame-retardant/fire-resistant cables and other products. 1. Preferred products from regular manufacturers and merchants. Wires packed in reels … Read more

Advantages of overhead cables

Overhead cable introduction  (full name overhead insulated cable) is an overhead wire equipped with an insulating layer and a protective sheath. It is a special cable manufactured by a production process similar to cross-linked cables. It is between overhead wires and underground cables. The new power transmission method overhead cables are all single-core. According to … Read more

Uses of overhead insulated cables

The overhead insulated cable series products are composed of pressed copper, aluminum (aluminum alloy) conductors, inner shielding layer, weather-resistant insulating material and outer shielding layer. They not only have the power transmission characteristics of power cables, but also have strong mechanical properties of overhead cables. Compared with bare wires, this product has the characteristics of … Read more

There are Six Materials for the Cable

We are commonly used are super five types of lines or six types of lines, although they are all cable, but the cable material is also divided into several kinds, most of them are in line with the national conditions of production!When buying a line, don’t be a pit!Don’t be greedy for cheap! First, four … Read more

Cable Knowledge: Classification, Use and Function of Armoured Cables

ABC cable is made of conductors of different materials mounted in insulated metal bushing, which is processed into a flexible and solid assembly.Armoured cable is generally fixed power cable, generally speaking, is fixed in a place and basically do not move, power line transmission of electric energy.The armoured cable includes armoured thermocouple, armoured thermal resistor, … Read more

Safe Use of Cable: How to Prevent Wires and Cables from Catching Fire Due to Overload of Wres

Wire and cable in the process of operation, due to the existence of resistance will be heated.The resistance of the wire is generally very small, and its heating power can be expressed by the formula Q =I^2R.Q =I^2R indicates that: for a section of wire in use (R has been basically constant), the greater the … Read more