Five aspects of high temperature wire and cable exit

At present, many domestic high-temperature wire and cable enterprises have entered the foreign market, but compared with foreign domestic products, the competitiveness of China’s high-temperature wire and cable products needs to be improved, especially some enterprises act rashly without understanding the foreign industry standards, which leads to an embarrassing situation for the development of enterprises. As a well-known brand in the high-temperature wire and cable industry, Chuncao has made certain achievements in the foreign market. Here are five aspects to be noted in the export of high-temperature wire and cable.

1、 Technical standards: advanced standards such as IEC or British standard, American Standard and other advanced standards are generally required for foreign high-temperature wires and cables. Therefore, it is not enough to be familiar with domestic standards, but also familiar with international standards.

2、 Laying conditions: the environmental conditions in West Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions are relatively special, such as the extreme maximum temperature of 50 ℃ and the maximum daily average temperature of 40 ℃. Therefore, the description of technical parameters related to the environment (such as the correction coefficient of current carrying capacity) should be paid attention to in the technical data.

3、 High temperature wire and cable structure: due to the high temperature wire and cable laying environment, the high temperature wire structure should not only meet the standard requirements, but also have some additional requirements. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to it in the design and manufacturing process of high-temperature wires and cables.

4、 Packaging of high-temperature wire and cable: for export high-temperature wire and cable, the delivery tray generally adopts large plate or steel plate structure, and is fully enclosed with sheet iron or wood. In addition to the length and minimum allowable bending radius of the high temperature line, the size of the container should also be considered. Strictly follow the order requirements. As the packaging of export high-temperature line is more complicated than that in China, it will affect the cost and delivery time of high-temperature line. Therefore, attention should be paid when signing the contract.

5、 Other precautions: before delivery, the main technical parameters, sectional drawings, laying instructions and other data of high-temperature wires and cables shall be provided to users, and the test reports shall also be delivered with the goods. The technical data shall be complete; the manufacturing length of high-temperature wires and cables shall be strictly controlled, and the error of delivery length shall be minimized. All export products must pass the inspection of the State commodity inspection department and issue the commodity inspection certificate.

With the accelerated process of world economic integration, the market competition of domestic high-temperature wire and cable enterprises will not be limited to the domestic market, and the foreign market is the greater stage. It is hoped that domestic enterprises can carefully consider the above five points before entering the foreign market, and make the most suitable development plan according to their own conditions.