What should I do if the cable’s fire protection effect is not good?

Is power cable’s fireproof effect poor? Have you tried mineral insulated fireproof cables! Mineral insulated fireproof cables not only have the characteristics of fireproof, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, but also good waterproof effect, light weight and long life.
(1) In order to prevent electrical fires caused by the quality of the wires and cables themselves, qualified wires and cables must be selected;
(2) The aaac conductor joints are prone to temperature rise and poor contact due to oxidation. Therefore, copper core wires and cables should be selected as a priority to reduce fire hazards.

(3) For cross-linked polyethylene insulated overhead cable, its electrical and physical properties are better than other wires and cables. It has the advantages of long life, good water resistance, good corrosion resistance, and less harmful combustion products, so it is insulated with polyethylene. Wire and cable (YJV) can be used as a priority;
(4) Because flame-retardant wires and cables can effectively slow down or even prevent the expansion and spread of fire, the use of flame-retardant wires and cables can control the fire at the initial stage of the fire to avoid greater losses, so flame-retardant wires and cables should be selected;
(5) In order to ensure that the electrical circuits can be energized normally during a period of fire, fire-resistant wires and cables should be selected;
(6) Try to use halogen-free low-smoke flame-retardant wire and cable or low-halogen low-smoke flame-retardant wire and cable to avoid generating a large amount of smoke and corrosive gas;
(7) On the one hand, mineral insulated cables provide excellent low grounding resistance and save a grounding wire than other cables. On the other hand, they can effectively ensure the safe operation of workers; for fire-fighting electrical equipment, it should be preferred Mineral insulated fire-resistant cable