Reasons for the poor price of cables of the same model

Whether it is home improvement needs wires or large quantities of overhead  cables for engineering, everyone has such a doubt during the inquiry process when purchasing wires and cables. The prices of products of the same model and specifications sometimes vary a lot, as the saying goes Distribution of goods, this principle is applicable to any industry, the profit of the wire and cable industry is very thin, and the price is almost transparent. If you encounter a quotation with too much price difference, you should pay attention. Be sure to confirm whether it is a national standard product and whether the quality is up to standard. If the price is too cheap, the manufacturer also says that the national standard product is a national standard or a non-standard product. Everyone must carefully distinguish. Today, I will explain the difference between the national standard and the non-standard.

Pay attention to the raw materials, the most important material is copper conductor. Disaster relief may be different here. The copper conductor used in a good national standard wire and cable is high-quality oxygen-free copper, but the non-standard is not. When the weight of the copper scrap used in the non-standard wire and cable is the same as the high-quality oxygen-free rod used in the national standard ABC cable, the copper scrap and the oxygen-free rod are the same. The price difference is 10%. Look at whether the auxiliary materials are qualified, and whether there is no cutting corners on the auxiliary materials. Recently, the country has increased the resistance inspection of wires and cables, and non-standard cables have begun to work hard on auxiliary materials. If copper accounts for 80% of the cost of the cable, then the cost of auxiliary materials occupies about 20%, which is the 20% of the cost. The material is slightly inferior, and the price difference with the national standard can be 5%. Recently, many cable quality problems have been exposed, and a large proportion of them have problems with accessories. Let’s see if the quantity is enough, such as 95-meter, 98-meter, or 90-meter noodles. This will make a big difference. I hope everyone will pay attention to the 100-meter reduction by 1 meter, and 1% of the profit will come out. The most difficult thing to notice is that the two sides are thick and the middle is thin. You probably have not noticed it. That is, the cables at both ends are national standard, and the middle part is non-standard. The department cut corners and cut corners, so a lot of costs are saved, and the price of the corresponding cable will be much lower. Everyone who purchases wire and cable products must look for regular manufacturers, and not be exploited by some illegal businessmen.
This is why the price of wires and cables of the same model and specifications are so different. All products of Henan Shenghua Cable Group strictly implement the national standards GB, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and other advanced standards of developed countries, and have obtained national production license, 3C certification, weapon equipment quality management system certification, weapon equipment research and production unit qualification certificate, CQC Certification, Tyre certification, TUV Rheinland certification and flame retardant certification, etc., and establish a comprehensive management system certification for quality, environment, and occupational health. It must be the safest and safest wire and cable product.