Cable enterprises should start from small things to ensure safe production

A general manager from a well-known abc cable company publicly told his views on safety production. He said that an employee accidentally fell down at the production site and caused serious injury. The fall was caused by a pool of oil on the ground. The reason why there is oil on the ground of the production site is that the operator of a certain machine is busy with starting the machine just after cleaning the mold, and the oil on the ground has not been cleaned up in time. So a major safety accident happened in an instant. The probability of a major safety accident caused by a pool of oil is very small, but it did happen“ Small things “,” small probability “and” small mistakes “often hide huge crises. If we do not pay attention to these “little things”, do not want to do a good job in the details of “small things”, do not take “small things” seriously and take them lightly, the “small things” will eventually lead to “catastrophe”. If the operators had cleaned up the oil on the ground in time, this major safety accident could have been avoided.

Accidents often happen in a moment, but it is a long process to cultivate the good habits of employees and grasp some details in safety production. Safety in production lies not in saying well, but in doing well, not in how much is right, but in not doing anything wrong. Good habits are the basis of safety work. In the factory, what kind of thinking employees have, there will be what kind of behavior; What kind of behavior will lead to what kind of result.
In daily safety management, knowledge and methods can only solve specific problems in one move, but good habits can change a person or a group of people. Practice has proved that in addition to a thick system and measures, some formal slogans and slogans, and the inspection and supervision of actions, it is more important to continuously strengthen the education of employees and keep them in mind all the time, And the possible accidents in advance prevention, vigilance protection, safety production will be solid.

There is a famous “Hain rule” that says: behind every serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents, 300 near miss omens and 1000 potential accidents. The occurrence of any accident has a certain aura and a gradual process. Responsibility determines safety. Only when we weave several lightning protection nets and firewalls with our heart and mind and love, and deepen safety responsibility into a good habit, can we be prepared and take precautions.
Good safety habits are: work hard, is responsible, pragmatic spirit, to do every thing in every day; Working hard means not letting go of every detail in the work, and being able to actively see through the potential problems behind the details; Work hard, is to make ourselves better than in the past, better than others, let us win the safety of every moment with every minute of our heart.