Composition of flexible mineral insulated cable (bbtrz)

Flexible mineral insulated acsr cable is composed of copper strand, mineral compound insulation and mineral compound sheath. It adopts flexible structure, and the main materials are inorganic materials, which make up for the defects of hard structure, easy to burn and toxic. It also has some advantages that other cables can not have, such as: fire resistance, high load flow, impact voltage resistance, mechanical damage resistance, halogen-free, non-toxic, explosion-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, long life, safety, overload resistance, high temperature resistance and low cost.

The flexible mineral insulated cable (bbtrz) has the characteristics of general products. Because the insulation is made of organic polymer, it is easy to carbonize and lose its insulation function under the condition of flame. Because the main materials of flexible mineral insulated fire-proof cable (bbtrz) are composed of mineral compounds, it will not cause fire itself, and it is impossible to burn or support combustion. These materials generally have a high melting point of more than 1500 ℃, so fire-proof cable can play a normal transmission function even when used in flame condition, which is a kind of fire-proof cable in the real sense.
The process structure of the flexible mineral insulated fire-proof cable (bbtrz) is identical with the traditional cable. It successfully solves many shortcomings of the products determined by the production process of the bttz.
Advantages summary:
1. It is really flexible, and the structure is as soft as the ordinary aaac cable.
2. The process structure is the same as that of ordinary cable, and the theoretical production is infinite, and one cable can be produced with fixed length
3. The installation is without joint, the construction is simple, the reliability is improved and the cost of investment is reduced.
4. The multi-core can produce 300mm2, overcome the shortage of single core with rigid bttz of 25mm2 or more. 5. The cable can be reused if the line is reconstructed and adjusted.
Characteristics of flexible mineral insulated cables
1. improve the insulation stability: not only the fire resistance of rigid mineral insulated cable is retained, but also the characteristics of not suitable for moisture absorption, so the insulation is more stable.
2. the voltage resistance level is improved: the voltage withstand level can reach 1000V, which reduces the impact voltage caused by the frequent start of inductor and frequency converter, and correspondingly improves the service life of the line system.

3. full series: it can be processed into single core or multi-core structure according to the actual needs of users, and can achieve 96 cores at most, covering almost all kinds of building cable requirements of power cable and control cable.
4. no intermediate joint: mature strand and cable forming technology are adopted, which can be produced according to the user requirements, not only reducing the cost of joint, but also improving and realizing the whole line consistency.
5. flexible and easy to install: because of the traditional cable structure such as strand and cable forming, the cable is softer, and it is more convenient to install and lay because of the need for special terminal joint.
6. space saving: because of the multi-core cable with large section and large length, unnecessary waste of laying space caused by multiple arrangement and intermediate joints is avoided.
7. public welfare: due to the improvement of structure, a large number of minerals and mineral compounds are used, which not only saves copper, magnesium and other resources, but also saves a lot of energy consumption correspondingly. The public welfare value is also very significant.
Installation and laying of flexible mineral cable
When cables are laid in open, cable supports, hooks or metal ropes shall be used along the whole length. The maximum span shall meet the following requirements:
1. meet the bearing capacity of support parts, the outer layer of the non-destructive cable and its cable core;
2. make sure the cables can be arranged neatly with each other;
3. adapt to the layout requirements under working conditions
Flexible mineral insulated fire-proof cable can ensure emergency use after installation. It can also be used as halogen-free flame retardant cable and fire-resistant cable with temperature resistance of 125 ℃ at ordinary times. Because of its wide coverage, it overcomes the defects of rigid Mi cable, plays the advantages of flexible Mi cable, and provides practical products for key projects, especially in the application of super high-rise buildings, It makes people’s life and property security guaranteed reliably, and promotes the broad development of their industry.