Advantages of environmental protection cable

Compared with ordinary aac cables, environment-friendly cables have the following advantages:
The first is that it has high flame retardancy. As we all know, the flame retardancy of cables is very important. For cables with safety and fire protection requirements, cables are not easy to burn and fire, and can prevent the expansion of flame.

The second is halogen-free, green insulation, special oxygen barrier material, which not only has good electrical and mechanical properties, but also ensures that the product does not contain halogen, so as to prevent the formation of traditional PVC wires in the combustion process and produce carcinogenic dioxin materials, so as to prevent secondary pollution.

The third is no peculiar smell and corrosive smell, no hydrochloric acid and other toxic gases, no pollution to the environment, the production of new environmental protection coating wire and cable material, the use process and combustion will not produce or very little discharge of acid gas, ensure the safety of personnel and reduce equipment damage and other environmental protection features.

The fourth is the high light transmittance. The smoke generated by the burning of environment-friendly cables is very thin, which is conducive to evacuation and fire fighting. The light transmittance of the product is more than 40%, much higher than that of the traditional flame retardant cable, and lower than 20% or even higher.

The last one is the waterproof and anti ultraviolet performance of the environmental protection cable, and the special molecular structure of the environmental protection wire and cable to ensure the manufacture of ultra-low water absorption green environmental protection materials. The special ultraviolet absorber makes the product have good anti ultraviolet performance.

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