YC cable and BV cable

YC rubber-sheathed cable stands for heavy-duty general-purpose rubber-sheathed flexible cable, which is a kind of rubber-sheathed cable. YC cable is suitable for household appliances, power tools and various mobile electrical equipment or light mobile electrical equipment with AC rated voltage below 450/750V, or for temporary construction on construction sites, and can withstand large mechanical external forces. The long-term allowable working temperature of the core should not exceed 60°C.
Y stands for rubber insulation and C stands for heavy-duty cables. The sheath inside is also rubber insulated, and the conductor is copper wire. Rubber cables are divided into heavy cables (yc cables), medium cables (yz cables) and light cables (YQ cables). The insulating layer of a good YC cable is made of pure natural rubber, and the conductor is made of oxygen-free copper rods with good conductivity. However, most of the products in the current market are more or less unable to achieve this quality.

BV wire and cable knowledge
BV cable: Copper core PVC insulated wire and cable, referred to as plastic copper wire, is the most commonly used wire in wire and cable, and it is also the wire that we touch most in daily life.
Conductor material: oxygen-free copper
Insulation material: PVC
Color: black, yellow, blue, red, brown, white, etc.
Working temperature: 60 degrees, 70 degrees, 95 degrees
Rated voltage: 450/750V
When laying the cable (line), the ambient temperature shall not be lower than minus 15 degrees.
Cable allowable bending radius:
Cable outer diameter (D) less than 25mm is not less than 4D;
Cable outer diameter (D) of 25mm and above should not be less than 6D.
The finished overhead cable (wire) and cable core must pass the power frequency spark withstand voltage test.
The mark of the cable (line) must be implemented in accordance with the GB6995 standard, and the mark should be clear and scratch-resistant.
National standard bv wires and cables are used for electrical installations, meters, decorations, telecommunications equipment, power lighting and lines with AC rated voltages of 450/750V and below or DC voltages of 1000V and below, and can be covered or covered in dark.
Product standard: GB5023.3-1997 JB8734-98 conforms to the IEC CCC standard, the national standard bv cable production certificate must be printed with the 3C certification mark.