Wire and cable product characteristics requirements

The cable production process is a very strict and complete set of rules, and there are various requirements for the production equipment, process, environment and cable materials.
The first is that the various equipment in the production workshop must be discharged according to the process required by the product, so that the semi-finished products in each stage can be circulated in sequence. The equipment configuration should consider the different production efficiency and balance the production capacity. Some equipment may be necessary. Only by configuring two or more sets can the production capacity of the production line be balanced. Therefore, the reasonable combination of equipment and the layout of the production site must be balanced and comprehensively considered according to the product and production volume.

Secondly, the method of production organization management must be scientific and reasonable, so that it can be sufficiently detailed and rigorous, and the operators must be skilled enough in the process and strictly follow the requirements. Any problem in any link may eventually affect the process flow. The fluency of the cable seriously affects the quality and production time of cable products, especially multi-core cables. Special attention should be paid to the length of a certain pair or basic unit, or if there is a quality problem, the length of the entire cable will be insufficient. Cause scrap. Conversely, if the length of a certain unit is too long, it must be sawn to cause waste.

Quality is the life of the product. This is a commitment that every wire and cable manufacturer should strictly abide by. Therefore, the quality management of wires and cables should run through the entire production process of the cable. The quality management inspection department should patrol and inspect the entire production process. Self-inspection and mutual inspection between upper and lower processes are important guarantees and means to ensure product quality and improve enterprise economic efficiency.
From the production to completion of a wire and cable, it involves a lot of processes, from smelting and pressure processing of non-ferrous metals, to chemical technologies such as plastics, rubber, and paint; textile technologies such as wrapping and weaving of fiber materials, to Metal material wrapping and metal strip longitudinal wrapping, welding metal forming processing technology, etc.
The selection and use of cable raw materials is also a very critical step in its process production. After all, as a heavy-duty and light-industrial wire and cable industry, it can do its best for the in and out of raw materials and the production of various processes, and it will also benefit manufacturers. many.