What kind of cable is vv?

Overhead cable wrapped around the conductor is an insulating layer, which is mainly used for insulation. The outer layer of the cable is the sheath layer, which is mainly used for protection. Therefore, the name and function of the cable are often
It can often be seen from its model.
VV cable is a very commonly used power cable. Its function is the same as YJV cable most of the time. Although the overall performance is not as good as YJV cable, and it is gradually replaced by YJV cable, it is
Because of its relatively low price, it has been widely used in many fields.

VV cable full name
Copper (aluminum) core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable, an important member of the power cable, the two letters V represent the insulation and sheath materials are PVC;
VV cable product structure
The components from the inside to the outside are conductor, insulation layer, filling layer, (steel belt layer), and sheath layer. Nowadays, the more commonly used conductor material on the market is of course copper conductor; insulation layer
And the outer sheath material are all polyvinyl chloride, that is, PVC plastic; the filling layer is generally some softer nylon material, in order to prevent the direct contact and extrusion between the inner conductors of the cable;
The armored VV cable is a VV22 cable, and the steel tape armored function is compression resistance and can be used for underground burying.
Common specifications and models of VV cables
The number of cores includes 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores,
section includes from 1.5 mm2-240mm2, such as VV3*95 1*50 cable represents a cable composed of 3 strands of 95 square cores plus 1 strand of 50 square cores, and others are synonymous.