Laying and installation of pre branched cables

1、 Laying and installation of pre branch cable
Prepare for laying and installation according to the requirements of design drawings and be familiar with the laying direction and location of cables.
(1) Formulate construction plan and organize professional construction personnel.
(2) Prepare for installation of tools and equipment.
(3) Verify the abc cable model and specification and packing sequence.
(4) Verify the accessories and assign the installation site of accessories to the construction party.
(5) Place cable tray on the cable release frame.
(6) When the cable is installed vertically, the cable laying frame is lower than the floor, and the cable is lifted by winch or pulley block through the rope. Professional construction personnel shall be required for each floor. As for the terminal, hang the cable on the installed hook
(7) When the cable is installed horizontally, the cable setting out frame shall be set by the professional construction personnel (one person every two meters and the commander) as for the receiving position.

(8) Fix the intermediate part of the main and branch lines of prefabricated branch cables as required.
(9) Connect the main line and branch line with the electrical control device in phase sequence.
(10) After installation, clean the site, measure the insulation resistance of each circuit connected to each phase of prefabricated branch cable.
(11) Fill in the construction record.
2、 Precautions during laying and installation
(1) When laying, it is necessary to use the vertical hoisting as far as possible. When the construction site is restricted or special requirements are required, reverse installation can be used. No matter which setting method, the branch line shall not be released in advance in the process to prevent the branch body from scratching when passing through the hole and avoid being subjected to excessive mechanical external force.
(2) During lifting and hoisting, the cable with a weight of more than 4 times the strength must be selected. After laying, the upper and lower installation and fixing fixture shall be carried out first.
(3) The bending radius of cable shall not be less than 25d during laying and installation.
(4) Metal clamps are not allowed when fixing single core prefabricated branch cables.
(5) When connecting the main line and branch line with the receiving and electric measuring apparatus, the metal clamp must be used and the metal type of the clamp shall be selected correctly.

(6) The spreader must be installed on the load-bearing wall.