Sino-European submarine cable put into use this year

Submarine cables are cables wrapped with insulating materials and laid on the seabed for telecommunications transmission. Submarine cables are divided into submarine communication cables and submarine power cables. Modern submarine cables use optical fibers as materials to transmit telephone and Internet signals. In 1850, people laid the world’s first submarine cable between Calais (France) and Dover (UK). In August 1858, a British private company founded by Sellers Westfield was established in Ireland. (Europe) and Newfoundland (North America) completed the laying of the first intercontinental submarine communication cable. China’s first submarine cable was completed in 1888.

In ancient times, the rulers of the land of China were eager to get in touch with the countries of the Western Regions, so in the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Zhang Qian was sent to the Western Regions to make the Western Regions understand that there was a powerful Han Dynasty on the eastern continent.

Today is the era of the information Internet. The connection of cables can enable the exchange of information between various regions. According to relevant descriptions, this cable will connect China and Pakistan on land, and after that, it will pass through the seabed to the Horn of Africa. , And the focus of its final connection is Marseille in France.