How to identify inferior cable?

Cable quality is very important, as we all know, electricity must pay attention to safety, for fear of leakage, leakage of electricity will be bring us hurt, so we must pay attention to, but if you use a cable is bad, so even if we pay attention to, accident will happen easily, so choose cable is important to note that the following, we have to learn how to distinguish inferior cable.
One, try to bend: can take a wire head to bend repeatedly by hand, general feel soft, good fatigue strength, plastic or rubber feel elastic and no crack on the wire insulator is excellent. The fake insulation layer looks thick, but in fact it is mostly made of recycled plastic. As long as you press hard, the place will become white and break the wire after being bent 4 ~ 6 times.
Two, tear insulation: high quality insulation material has a certain mechanical strength and flexibility, easy tear not open. Poor quality wires can be torn or pinched by hand.
Three, see the combustion: according to the provisions of the electrical insulation layer has a certain flame retardant. Strip off a section of insulation and light it with a lighter. It is inferior wire that can continue to spontaneously ignite after leaving the open flame.

Four. Thickness test: Cut a section of the insulation layer to see whether there are visible pores in the section of the insulation layer and whether the wire core is located in the middle of the insulation layer. Not in the middle because the process is not high and caused by the core phenomenon, the use of air holes that insulation material is unqualified. Severe eccentricity is most likely to leak electricity on the thinner side, and the porosity also affects the compressive strength.
Five, look at the label: the content of the wire certificate produced by the regular manufacturer should include: “3C certification mark, certification number, model specification, implementation standard, rated voltage, wire length, production date, producer, inspector, factory name, factory address, fixed telephone, anti-counterfeiting mark, etc.” The labels of counterfeit products are often not printed clearly or printed with incomplete content.
Six, see the surface: normal power cable plastic skin soft and smooth, uniform color. The surface shall also be printed with several contents of the product qualification certificate, such as 3C certification mark, certification number, model, rated voltage, implementation standard, factory name, etc. At the same time, the writing must be clear and difficult to erase.