China cable industry status and strategy advisory report

On June 30, 2020, the Report on The Current Situation and Strategy Of China’s Cable Industry compiled by the Professional Committee of Wire and Cable was officially released.
Held since July 19, 2019 China cable industry present situation and strategy advice consulting report (hereinafter referred to as the consulting report), since the first compilation work meeting lasted nearly a year, branch organizations invited more than 50 experts of cable industry in our country, to actively participate in data collection, organization and audit work such as writing, successfully completed the consulting report compiled and printed work, to learn the council submitted a satisfactory answer, also for the cable industry enterprise and provide a copy of an influential, cable enterprise innovation and development in China has guidance and reference function of the consulting report.

The official release of the Consulting Report fully reflects the work responsibilities of THE Institute in serving scientific and technological workers in the field of electrical engineering, in serving the innovation and development of industrial enterprises, in serving to improve the scientific quality of the whole people, and in serving the party and the government in making scientific decisions. The institute gives full play to its advantages of intelligence-intensive, talent gathering and extensive connections, and effectively provides a pragmatic and effective service for the development of the electrical engineering field and the electrical industry.
The official release of the consulting report is the first industrial consulting report issued by the Institute in the past 40 years. With the breakthrough of this zero, the society will not only continue to organize and compile around the industrial fields that occupy an important position in the national economy and whose products and technologies cover and are widely used, but also organize and compile relevant consulting reports for the emerging fields and high-end technology fields of national economic development. The first is to give full play to the role of the Institute in leading the development of disciplines, and the second is to guide the technological innovation of relevant industries, so as to make due positive contributions to the institute and provide technical support for the national formulation of relevant industrial development policies for the realization of the goal of transforming from a “manufacturing power in China” to a “manufacturing power in China”.