A qualified cable, these steps can not be less

A qualified cable, which can not be short of 600V Overhead Aerial cable 54.6m㎡ as a means of transmitting electrical energy and communication signals, is undoubtedly the existence of blood vessels and nerves in the modern era of the Internet, is the key to manufacturing in most industries today.

Chinese cable industry is now a large-scale, is a major international cable manufacturing country, the domestic cable manufacturing industry is only the second largest manufacturing industry after automobiles, but the huge industry has also spawned a lot of chaos and speculators, many small cable enterprises, in order to seize the market, maliciously underpricing, producing unqualified cable and wire without enough work and materials, and even worse, using fake cable and wire to list well-known cable and wire brands for sale, has had a very bad impact on the industry.

In the production of cable, in strict accordance with the production requirements and procedures, and conduct a comprehensive testing and testing to ensure that URD Cable out of the factory is of high quality, today to talk about the production of a qualified cable, what are the key steps? First of all, of course, it is strictly controlling the purchase of raw materials.

If it is a good raw material, then the quality and life performance of the cables produced will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, Shenghua cable will strictly control the purchase, production, transportation, sales and other links, compare the raw materials from the suppliers in all aspects to ensure that the raw materials obtained are of high quality and durable; with good production materials, the next step is the production process. Huaxing cable has the latest cable production equipment.

During the production process, it also requires operators to work strictly in accordance with the requirements, whether it is extrusion machine series, drawstring machine series, stranding machine series, wrapping machine series, Huaxing cable are to achieve strict production requirements. Inspection is the most important link in the cable production process, Shenghua cable is of course also attached great importance to, for a long time, huaxing cable has always insisted on the survival of quality, to ensure safety, to service credibility, to management to promote efficiency, to forge ahead. Through the strict check and inspection of each link of the production cable, the product quality is ensured and the customer requirements are met.