British-French submarine cable preparation

Crosslake Fiber, a developer and operator of communications networks in North America and Western Europe, revealed its latest submarine cable project, called CrossChannel Fibre, which is a submarine cable system connecting Slough, United Kingdom and Paris, France, with a total length of approximately 550 kilometers.
According to the plan, the system will contain 96 pairs of optical fibers, each pair of optical fibers provides more than 20Tbps of capacity. To support the project, Crosslake Fiber has authorized EGS, the world’s leading ocean survey and service provider, to conduct project maritime surveys.

In addition, Tiger Infrastructure Partners, the capital partner of Crosslake Fibre, has invested additional capital in the Crosslake platform to support the CrossChannel Fiber system.
Mike Cunningham, CEO of Crosslake Fibre, said, “We are very pleased to launch this historic submarine project and provide a new connection in the crucial data center connecting Slough in the English Channel with Paris. This new The optical fiber infrastructure has been optimized to establish the shortest path between the two data, providing users with enhanced technical solutions and greatly reducing operating costs. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the continuous increase in bandwidth demand has continued to increase The submarine cable has never been so important to the function of the Internet backbone.”
According to the plan, the submarine cable system will be put into use in the fall of 2021 (RFS).