Why should a certain length of cable be reserved

The environment of AAAC Cable laying is complex and diverse, such as bridge, direct burial, cable trench, pipe laying and so on. Therefore, when laying, operators often reserve a certain length in the planned length. There are many advantages in doing so. On the one hand, for the convenience of future maintenance, on the other hand, the environment is complex when laying, in order to cope with emergencies, It is also necessary to reserve the length in advance.

Generally, the reserved length of cable is reserved in the cable trench of feeder cabinet, and the end should also be reserved; In case of laying through pipe or cable trench, a certain length of manhole shall be reserved in the middle.
There are many advantages to reserve the head and tail sections. Firstly, when the wire and cable are connected to the feeder circuit or equipment, the copper nose needs to be crimped, and the outer protective layer of the cable also needs to be pulled away. Generally, the exposed live parts at the head and tail ends of the ACSR Cable are prone to problems; Moreover, when the power distribution cabinet and control cabinet have problems, it is easy to affect the cables, so a certain length should be reserved at both ends of the cable to cope with the subsequent maintenance.
And one of the advantages of reservation is convenient for future maintenance. For example, when laying, a manhole will be set nearby, and the manhole can be used for cable reservation. When the maintenance personnel check and repair in the future, if there is a problem with a certain section of cable, they can use the reserved cable in the manhole for operation, which is convenient and time-saving.

There are also cable laying. The path is often extremely complex, so reserving a certain length can also cope with the sudden situation. For example, in the actual cable laying, the cable in the slot box or bridge is not completely straight, with bending and sag, so it is necessary to consider these laying redundancy. In addition, there is still a little distance between the cable head and the cable box of the motor, and a part of the cable should be cut off when making the cable head, so more redundancy should be considered in the design of cable laying.

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