What should be paid attention to when storing wire and cable reel?

Attention should be paid to the following points when storing and transporting wires and AAAC Cables on shelves:
1、 In storage, first of all, it is forbidden to contact with acidic, alkaline and corrosive substances and store them separately. Insulated wires and cables should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. The suitable temperature in the warehouse is 5-30 degrees, and the relative humidity should not exceed 75%. The glass on the warehouse window should be painted with white paint to avoid direct sunlight and premature aging of insulation layer.

2、 There shall be no harmful gas that can damage the insulation layer or corrode the conductor metal around the wire and cable storage place.
3、 Avoid storage in open air to prevent accidental damage.
4、 Small quantities of wires can be stacked in the shelf, and the stack height should be 5-10 rolls. Large quantities of wires can be stacked into plum blossom style ventilated round stacks. Single core wire and cable can be appropriately high code; The stack height is 2 meters in spring and winter and 1.5 meters in summer and autumn. When stacking, the pallet should be padded with sleepers, and the sleepers should be paved with planks, and two layers of moisture-proof paper should be added, and good ventilation should be maintained. During the storage of wires and cables, they should be stacked once every three months, and the upper and lower layers should be replaced to prevent long-term compression and deformation of the lower layer. Always check whether the sealing package of wires and cables is intact during storage.
5、 The storage life of wires and ACSR Cables shall be subject to the date of production. Generally, the storage life shall not exceed one and a half years, and the longest shall not exceed two years. Pay attention to the change of temperature and humidity in the process of storage, and take cooling measures immediately if the temperature in the warehouse exceeds 30 ℃. If the relative humidity reaches 75% for 3 consecutive days, desiccant or other measures should be taken to absorb moisture.

6、 It is strictly forbidden to drop wires and cables from high places during transportation, so as to avoid cracking of insulation layer and sheath layer, damaging the electrical and mechanical properties of wires and cables.
7、 During hoisting operation, it is strictly forbidden to hoist multiple coils of wires and cables at the same time. On vehicles, ships and other means of transport, wires and cables must be laid flat and properly fixed to prevent collision or overturning and damage to the outer or internal structure of wires and cables.

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