What are the selection methods of high-voltage cables

The ultimate principle for power supply lines in selecting cables is to ensure the safety of power supply, reduce costs to the utmost extent, and be reasonable in technical design.

The selection of AAAC conductor is mainly based on the following principles:

  1. Choose according to the duration and the maximum allowable load current. The selected cable will not generate heat after a long time of work, and the heat of the cable cannot exceed its allowable long-term temperature.
  2. Choose according to the voltage loss of the cable. The cable at the end that accepts the voltage has enough voltage, and the voltage loss must be small enough to ensure the quality of the power supply.
  3. Choose according to economic principles. The selected ABC  cable should be able to minimize the operating cost and achieve the purpose of economical power supply.
  4. Choose according to the mechanical strength of the cable. This is mainly to avoid cable damage or breakage due to insufficient strength during transportation or installation. Only when the strength meets the requirements can the safety of power supply be guaranteed.
  5. Choose according to whether the cable is stable enough when it is short-circuited. The cable must not exceed its short-circuit allowable temperature when it is short-circuited.