What are the measures to speed up cable fault repair?

The speed of cable fault repair directly affects the economic benefits and social image of cable operation Department, and it is also an important symbol to measure the comprehensive management level of AAC Cable operation Department. The repair of cable fault, from receiving the cable fault repair order, checking data, measuring faults, finding fault points, troubleshooting, repairing faults to restoring power transmission, requires the cooperation of all departments. In case of problems or delay in a certain department or construction link, the speed of cable fault repair will be affected. In order to speed up cable fault repair, the following measures are taken:
(1) establish an efficient fault emergency repair command system, and be responsible for commanding emergency repair and coordination of various departments. According to the number of AAAC Cable faults, a fault emergency repair command center or a fault emergency repair dispatching center can be set up.

(2) provide reliable and effective communication equipment to enable the command center to obtain the repair information in time, maintain smooth communication with the emergency repair site, and the material and logistics departments can understand the information of the emergency repair site in time.
(3) formulate a standardized emergency repair software package, and clarify the standard process of emergency repair and the work standards of each department.
(4) provide a skilled emergency repair team and establish a 24-hour emergency repair duty system.

(5) advanced and fast means of transportation shall be equipped. All departments undertaking ABC Cable fault repair shall be equipped with engineering rescue vehicles approved by the government traffic management department.
(6) provide sufficient and orderly accident spare parts and effective and fast means of transportation.
(7) make public commitments to the society and accept social supervision.
Note: in addition, due to the sharp increase in the scale of cables and channels, perfect basic information (especially channel location information and joint location information), experienced skilled personnel and effective fault finding equipment are also the key elements to speed up cable fault repair.