What are the maintenance items of bridge cable and special cable bridge?

Project Name: design and processing of high voltage ACSR Cable bridge
Innovative ideas: there are three 10kv High-voltage incoming lines for 112201 fully mechanized coal mining face, which are laid from 11 panel substation to equipment train of working face. The high-voltage cable enters the rubber conveying chute section and is suspended along the coal wall side. From the coal wall side to the cable storage vehicle, it needs to cross the belt.

Therefore, the design and processing of the bridge will cross the high-voltage cable belt into the cable storage vehicle.

Design principle: I-steel is used to process the bridge, the lower part is fixed with the equipment train pole, the high voltage cable is laid from the I-steel groove, and the protective skin is padded at the lower part of the cable.
Expected effect: after the processing, installation and use of the cable bridge, the three high-voltage cables inside the belt are smoothly led across the belt to the high-voltage cable car, and the cable bridge is integrated with the equipment train, each time the equipment is pulled and moved, there is no need to re hang the high-voltage cable, saving working hours.
(1) Check whether the cables on both sides of the bridge are under large tension.

(2) check whether there are cracks, oil leakage and corrosion on the cables on both sides of the bridge.
(3) whether the AAAC Cable, protective tube and groove are damaged by collision or external force.
(4) paint bracket and exposed protective pipe and groove.
(5) check the cable armour cover.