Today’s copper price and market analysis

Today’s copper price
CCMN spot copper price: 71930 yuan / ton, down 400 yuan / ton

Mine end plans to expand production, copper may fall on the 26th
Abstract: China increased price control and continued to exert pressure. The copper price fell by 48 US dollars overnight. Large copper producers plan to expand production. Recently, downstream copper processing enterprises are under pressure. Today, copper materials are falling.
[copper futures market] China increased commodity price regulation and continued to put pressure on the market. The copper price fell sharply overnight. The latest closing quotation was US $9935 / T, down 48, or 0.48%. The trading volume was 12258, increasing 981, and the position was 311989, increasing 223. In the evening, Shanghai copper fluctuated at a low level. The latest closing price of the main monthly 2107 contract was 71780 yuan / ton, down 560 yuan, or 0.77%.
London Metal Exchange (LME) reported its latest inventory of 125925 tons on May 25, up 100 tons or 0.08% from the previous trading day.
BHP Billiton, Glencore and other large copper producers have proposed to expand production plans, and the tight situation at the ore end is expected to gradually ease; Recently, the price has come down, but it is still at a high level. The downstream copper processing enterprises are under pressure, while the refined copper output and scrap copper import are growing steadily. The spot copper price is expected to fall today.

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