The structure and specification of YJV cable

Let me introduce to you what YJV means, yj means cross-linked polyethylene, v means polyvinyl chloride, then YJV is cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cable, and the range of use is for the rated voltage (U0/U) 0.6/1—26/35kv power line transmission and distribution, the rated temperature of the cable conductor is 90 degrees when in use, and the temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250 degrees when short-circuited (the duration does not exceed 5S). It has the advantages of light weight and simple structure, so it is widely used in urban power grids.
YJV cable model specification

The cores of YJV cables are single core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, 3+1, 3+2, 4+1. 3+1 represents 3 phase wires and 1 ground wire, 3+ 2 represents 3 phase wires and 2 ground wires, 4+1 represents 4 phase wires and 1 ground wire. According to the standard model, the specific size specifications include: 1 square, 1.5 square, 2.5 square, 4 square, 6 square, 10 square, 16 square, 25 square, 35 square, 50 square, 70 square, 95 square, 120 square, 150 Square, 185 square, 240 square, 300 square. For example, the YJV 3*120+2*70 cable is a cable composed of three 120 square phase wires and two 70 ground wires.

The combination between the ground wires is regulated by the standard, so the 70 square behind the YJV 3*120+2*70 cable can be omitted. The main specifications of the YJV cable range from 1 square to 240 square meters (also can be customized separately). It is a cable used for transmission and distribution of electric energy. It is often used in urban underground power grids, lead-out lines of power stations, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises, and underwater transmission lines that cross rivers and seas. In power lines, the proportion of cables is gradually increasing. Power cable is a cable product used to transmit and distribute high-power electrical energy in the main line of the power system, including 1-500KV and above various voltage levels, various insulated power cables.