The difference between wire and cable

Wires and cables are wire products used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. In the broad sense, wires and cables are also referred to as cables. In the narrow sense, cables refer to insulated cables. One or more insulated conductors and the respective cladding, total protective covering and outer covering they may have. The cable may also have an additional conductor without insulation. Wire products for the transmission of electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion.

Such products, the main characteristics are: various specifications, application range, use voltage in 1 kv and below is more, to derive new products constantly, in the face of special occasions, such as fireproof cables, flame retardant cable, low smoke zero halogen/against termites, low smoke low halogen cable, mouse cable, oil/cold/heat resistance, abrasion resistance cable, medical/farm/mining cable, thin wire, etc.

Circuit Group provides the overall service equipment for a certain load source group, such as relay lines, switching devices and control systems. The basic research content of traffic service theory is to study the relationship among traffic volume, call loss and wiring harness capacity. Therefore, wiring harness is an important basic concept in traffic service theory.

The load source is the service object of the wire harness, usually the user device. Broadly speaking, the upper level device is the load source of the lower level device. In telephone communication, the load source is also called the call source, and the number of service devices contained in the wiring harness is called the wiring harness capacity. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the wiring harness. This harness has a capacity of V and it serves N load sources. Any load source that makes a call can occupy an idle service device in the harness.

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