Take you to understand mining cables and insulated environmental protection cables

Mining cable is the abbreviation of coal mine cable, which is a rubber sheathed cable for coal mine manufactured through national standards. Mining cables are suitable for mobile laying cables for mining power plants with power frequency rated voltage U0/U 8.7/10KV and below.
In the mine power supply system, high-voltage power supply lines generally use armored cables, and their failure rate is much less than that of low-voltage power supply.
The power supply in the mining area is a weak link in the power supply system, and the working environment is poor. Therefore, how to choose the type and section of the cable is related to the safety of the power supply operation.

The choice of cable type has a great relationship with the reliability, safety and economical reasons of the power supply. Article 467 of the Coal Mine Safety Regulations stipulates the following selection requirements for the selection of cables:
1. The level difference of the actual cable laying location should be compatible with the specified allowable cable laying level difference.
2. The cable should have a conductor with sufficient cross-section for protective grounding.
3. It is strictly forbidden to use aluminum-clad cables.
4. The fire -retardant cable that has passed the inspection and obtained the safety mark of coal mine products must be selected.
5. The cross-section of the main core of the cable should meet the load requirements of the power supply line.
Insulated environmental protection cables generally refer to wires and cables that have been tested by a regular testing organization, do not contain heavy metals and brominated flame retardants, do not produce harmful substances, and do not pollute the soil.
Insulated environmentally friendly cables can be recycled and will not harm the environment when discarded, and will not cause the spread of carcinogens. With the development of world economy and technology, the demand for cables is increasing, and their performance requirements are increasing. Under the new economic development trend and technical conditions, the development of the world’s cable industry has shown new trends, and insulated and environmentally friendly cables have gradually become the development focus of cables all over the world.