Is the thicker the cable insulation, the better?

Many friends may think that the thicker the AAC Cable, the better the insulation performance, the more durable the cable, and the better the quality. In fact, this idea is taken for granted, and there are some misunderstandings.
This is because the insulation performance of cables depends on the technical indicators. The state has strict technical standards for cables. Compared with the cable thickness specified in the national standards, it is unnecessary to say that if the cable thickness is thinner, even if it is thicker, it is also unqualified as long as it exceeds the specified value.

When the thickness exceeds the standard, the performance of the cable will be affected, such as the service life will be greatly shortened. Because when the cable is laid and put into use, it will be in the state of continuous power supply, and the heat will be generated in the process of power supply. If the thickness exceeds the standard, although the insulation looks better, the result is that the heat is difficult to dissipate( Learn more cable technology, please click here, a large number of dry goods waiting for you) with the accumulation of time, more and more heat accumulation, of course, will affect the normal service life of the cable.

When the situation is serious, it will even lead to short circuit, power failure, causing greater damage.
The so-called “too much is not as good as it can be”. Those who meet the national standards are the best.

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