Realize the “perspective” management of underground cables

Based on the underground cable informatization model developed by China Electric Power Research Institute, the “perspective” management of underground cables can significantly improve the design, construction, operation and maintenance and management level of underground ACAR Cable lines.

Firstly, this technology can make the route planning and design of underground cable engineering more reasonable. Using three-dimensional technology, technicians can check the underground ABC Cable project and the laying of surrounding pipelines at any time, carry out the calculation and analysis of electromagnetic environment, structural load and safe distance, so as to realize the safe, effective and rational utilization of underground space.
Secondly, the technology can guide accurate construction. Due to its concealment, the maintenance difficulty, cost and time of underground cable are greater than those of overhead transmission line, but the biggest difficulty is the accurate location of fault point. With the help of three-dimensional digitization and sensor technology, the operation of underground cable lines can be monitored in the remote control center, the fault can be monitored and warned in real time, the construction team can be guided to locate the fault quickly and accurately, avoid repeated ground excavation, save construction time, and ensure the safe use of electricity and normal life of residents.

Thirdly, the technology can realize cross departmental and cross professional data sharing and collaborative office. To ensure the construction and safe operation of a power cable project line, it requires the cooperation of multiple departments such as planning, design, construction, supervision, operation and maintenance and management, and the joint efforts of multiple professionals such as system, electrical, structure and survey. For departments and disciplines with upstream and downstream relations, the three-dimensional digital model can directly realize data sharing; For the work that needs to be completed through multi-party intelligent negotiation, three-dimensional visual discussion can be carried out based on the same underground cable information model to realize collaborative office, which is conducive to the improvement of project construction quality and efficiency.

At this stage, 3D digital technology has been applied in various fields of underground cable construction to varying degrees. However, to expand to the whole process of underground AAAC Cable line construction, go deep into the business needs of all parties and cross domain data sharing, we still need to continue to carry out in-depth research on digital application; Based on the established digital design system of power cable engineering, cetca will continue to explore the application research of the whole life cycle of underground cable engineering construction, so as to provide technical support for the construction of big data center of power transmission and transformation engineering.