Seemingly the same national standard cable, the difference is not only the price

Often heard ACSR Cable practitioners complain: it is too difficult to sell national standard. You say you are national standard, and those who sell non-standard also say that they are national standard. The price is more than 10% cheaper than yours, so it is helpless.
Here, we will review and summarize the four rounds of the national standard and non-standard confrontation.

The first round of confrontation is calculated by the weight of copper. At first, it worked, but the national standard ignored a problem. Your copper is oxygen free rod, but not standard one. When the weight of waste copper and oxygen free rod is the same, the price of waste copper and oxygen free rod is 10%. So the national standard cable spent great efforts in propaganda, and finally failed, the difference between national standard and non-standard guarantee bottom was 10%.
The second round of confrontation, auxiliary materials on the work and materials. The state has increased resistance inspection, and also increased the inspection of conventional products. Non-standard cables began to work on auxiliary materials. If copper accounts for 70% of the cost of cables, the cost of auxiliary materials takes up about 20%, which is 20% of the cost. If the materials are used a little bit, the price is 5% different from that of national standard. We also see that many of the cables exposed recently have problems with accessories.

The third round of confrontation, the wire is short to the cable short meter. In fact, the short meter has always existed, this is the most difficult to check. It used to be common on BV, such as 95 meters, 98 meters, or 90 meters. Now, because of the increase of inspection items, all the products inspected have been included, so non-standard ones have begun to work in this direction again. I hope you can draw attention, 100 meters reduced by 1 meter, 1% of the profit came out.
The fourth round of confrontation, both sides thick and thin. That is to say, both ends of the cable are national standard, the middle part is non-standard, so it saves a lot of costs, the corresponding cable price will be much lower. You can’t cut the cable from the middle, so the leak is just drilled.
At present, the fourth one is the most worried. As long as the user and cable manufacturer conceal together, it can not be checked at all. Do you want to dig the cable out of the ground and measure it? This is why the price is so different, which is also called “national standard”.