Knowledge of power cord

The components of a power cord are as follows:
1. Copper wire. Copper wire is the core part of power cord. Copper wire is the carrier of current and voltage. The quality of a power cord depends on three points, namely, the density of copper wire, the material of the cord, the amount of copper wire, and the flexibility.
2. Inner sheath. Inner sheath is the material wrapped between the shielding layer and the wire core, also known as insulation sheath. The materials used are generally polyvinyl chloride plastic, polyethylene plastic or low smoke halogen-free. To ensure the safety of our power supply and prevent any leakage between copper wire and air.
3. Outer sheath. Outer sheath is the outermost protective layer (sheath) of the power cord, which plays the role of protecting the power cord. It is characterized by temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, natural light interference, good winding performance, environmental protection, long service life.
Classification of power cord:

Power lines can be classified according to safety certification, the shape of the power cord plug and the standard of electricity consumption in different areas.
1. According to safety regulations, there are UL, CCC, VDE, PSE, SAA, UC, IRAM, IMQ, BSI, KS, PSB, SABS and so on.
2. According to the shape of the power cord plug, it can be divided into two flat power cord, three power cord, two round power cord, straight power cord, bent power cord, etc.
3. According to the standard can be divided into different parts of the electricity, the standard power cord, China standard power cord, European standard power cord, Japan standard power cord, the Australian standard power cord, the Brazilian standard power cord, Argentina standard power cord, power cord, Italy, the British standard power cord, South Korea standard power cord, standard power cord in Singapore, South Africa’s standard power cords, etc.

Manufacturing process:
Copper and aluminum single wire drawing of power cord – single wire annealing of power cord – stranded conductor of power cord – insulation extrusion of power cord – wire forming – Inner sheath of power cord – wire armor – outer sheath of power cord
Tips for identifying:
The identification method of power cord namely five look: look the quality qualification certificate of home appliance; Check the cross section of the wire; Look at the appearance of the power cord; Look at the core of the power cord; Look at the length of the power cord.
Above is a few small knowledge of power cord, hope to be helpful to everybody.