Introduction to the characteristics of btly flexible mineral insulated cable!

Btly is also called gn-al, ng-a and ng-a (btly)
Btly is a flexible mineral insulated cable with copper tube sheath replaced by aluminum tube sheath.
This product is the first in China and there is no prototype in the world. Compared with bttz series metal sheathed AAC Cable, the product can achieve continuous large length and multi-core cable within 240mm, which overcomes the disadvantage of too many joints. However, the product has complex structure, large outer diameter and weight, and its electrical performance is weaker than that of bttz, yttw and bbtrz cables. The fire resistance of aluminum protective sleeve is relatively weak, and it is prone to electrical corrosion. It is difficult to deal with the aluminum copper transition of the joint, and the requirements for the installation process capacity are still very high.

Basic product parameters
Conductor: round copper stranded wire (softer than solid copper rod of BTT).
Insulation: pure phlogopite tape (no longer composed of extruded insulating material, so as to eliminate the generation of carbon particles and improve the electrical stability).
Filling layer: dense filling with mineral compounds.
Sheath: aluminum soft sheath is adopted.
Refractory layer: it is covered with non fusible, non combustible and expandable flame retardant inorganic matter Mg (OH) or Al (OH)).
Outer sheath: low smoke halogen-free or better plastic material.
Metal sleeve: continuously extruded aluminum metal pipe (greatly simplifying bttz copper pipe drawing process)
Mineral insulated cable
Product executive standard
1. BS 6387:1994 performance requirements for ACSR Cables to maintain circuit integrity under flame conditions;
2. GB / t12706.1 extruded insulated power cables and accessories with rated voltage from 1KV (UM = 1.2KV) to 35kV (UM = 40.5kV);
3. Follow the corresponding enterprise standards.
Product use characteristics
Voltage level: 0.6/1kv, working voltage: light load 500V, heavy load 1000V.
Working environment: the long-term working temperature is 90 ℃.
Bending radius: minimum allowable bending radius ≥ 12D.

Btly flexible mineral insulated cable
Product features
1. The fire resistance standard can pass three tests of bs6387: no breakdown under 950 ℃ flame for 3h, water spray for 15min after 30min at 650 ℃ (direct immersion is also acceptable), knocking vibration for 15min under 950 ℃ flame without damage, so as to fully meet the BTT assessment standard in fire resistance performance.
2. The product can produce 1 ~ 37 cores in 1.5 ~ 6 square meters, 1 ~ 5 cores in 10 ~ 240 square meters and single cores in 300 ~ 630 square meters. The length can be delivered in a whole plate without joints according to the needs of users.
3. There is no need to wear another pipe during laying, and it has the same waterproof and anti impact functions as BTT.
4. It has good mouse, ant and radiation protection functions, which can ensure the stability, long service life and durability of the cable.

5. Low working temperature, small line loss, strong overload resistance, long service life and high safety. It is especially suitable for application in projects with environmental protection requirements
6. Explosion proof (the highly compacted insulating material in the AAAC Cable and the cable terminal installed with special sealing sleeve can prevent steam, gas and flame from entering the electrical equipment connected with the cable, so it is used in places with explosion risk and the connection of various explosion-proof equipment and equipment).
7. Corrosion resistance (the metal sheath of BTT (L) series mineral insulated cables has high corrosion resistance. For most devices, it does not need to take additional protective measures; Even where the metal sheath of the cable is vulnerable to chemical corrosion or serious industrial pollution, because the outermost layer of the cable is protected by the plastic outer sheath, it is still safe).